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Week 14: AI and those pesky tickboxes

Updated: May 19, 2019

Since I haven't touched the AI module in UE4 for a year, I spent a little bit of time researching into them again and testing my AI. I used a Behaviour tree to determine actions based on player sight and sound detection. I lost several days trying to troubleshoot the AI, which seemed to refuse to leave the gate area in the arena. As suspected, I forgot to turn on dynamic navmesh updating. After the realisation of impending doom, I refocussed the customisation menu functionality to simple buttons within a scroll box. Whilst the line trace under cursor system would have felt a bit more fluid in my opinion, it was not worth the time trying to create custom meshes for each element of the poster. Because of this, I opted for the more traditional approach. Another scary realisation was just how many icons needed to be created for the menu. Because every item needed three to four icons (unselected, highlighted, selected and occasionally disabled) it took an excruciating number of hours to simply save out all the different variations of the icons.

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