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*Gameplay video and icons tentative

Clairvoyant UX Design

The UX system for Clairvoyant draws heavily on the games The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim (Betehsda Studios, 2011) and The Last of Us (Naughty Dog, 2013). The focus of the UX is to use diegetic elements wherever possible to avoid taking the player out of the game. The radial system was inspired by DC Universe Online (Daybreak Game Company, 2011) and allows swift navigation to specific menus. Like in The Last of Us, the game does not pause when browsing the inventory but will effectively pause when browsing the settings and powers menu. Whilst it wasn't possible to show in the demonstration, the character would have a compass fashioned to their wrist which would then be brought up to the player's view when the radial menu is opened. In first person, the radial menu helps to frame the compass whilst in third person, the compass is simply displayed in the HUD at the top of the screen. This system allows the player to move freely whilst the radial menu is open so that the compass can be accessed at will.

This UX is designed to integrate with the game's mechanics, gameplay and animations. This can be seen in the player's limitted inventory space as well as the lack of health displays. Health would ideally be shown through diegetic animations as opposed to an external HUD element.

Initial UI Mock Ups


Ability Icons

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