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Marvel LBP Level Trailer
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LittleBigPlanet Community Level: Marvel Sandbox

Inspired by the Lego Marvel video games, I created a community level that functions like a sandbox game. The level contains a hugely explorable New York City hub which, across the sea, also leads to the Atlantis and Savage Lands hubs. Also explorable is an expansive Nevada Desert Hub. I created everything you see in this trailer single handed - from the player skins (costumes), combat system, enemies, menus, environment and mechanics using basic materials and logic tools provided in the core game. The only content I did not create were a handful of costume and gun decals and the telekinesis mechanic which were all sourced from the community. The level features 90 playable characters (many with alternative forms), 7 enemy types (currently) and 2 player compatiability.

Avengers Tower (Night)
Avengers Tower (Day)
Character Selection Screen
S.H.I.E.L.D Hellicarrier
Hydra Villain Mob
Savage Lands Quest
Savage Lands Mob
Exploration Quest
Combat Quest
Gamma Base
Gamma Base
Puente Antiguo Town
A.I.M. Base
Nuclear Silo
Dr Doom takes on AIM Agents
Chitauri Spawn
Thor Enters the Sanctum Sanctorum
Wolverine Vs Symbiotes
Black Widow in the Sewers
Testing Level
Character Height Test
Costume Design Test
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