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Skyrim Mod: Eternal Armor of Titan

This mod contains a set of heavy armor, imbued with the power of titan, a powerful being with a scattering of followers across tamriel. Long ago, Titan crafted the armor as a gift for his greatest champion although the set now lies lost amongst the north of Tamriel. Several powerful beings have long searched for pieces of the armor, including Samael the impaler and a great mage, Curomír.
Each armor piece has a chance to save the user from death, which, when combined gives the wearer nigh-invincibility. The pieces will also buffs the wearer's abillities and insight. The set is in the Nordic Carved style but weighs significantly less and consists of the following:
Unahzaal Du'ul Do Rah - Eternal Crown of Titan
-The Crown of the World rests on the head of Tamriel
-The Crown enhances the users learning ability, influence and will store the power of a Standing Stone. When in need it may call forth warriors of old to aid you in battle and encase you in a cloak of wind.
Unahzaal Qah Do Rah - Eternal Armor of Titan
-The Curiass no longer lies in tamriel and must be retrieved from the heavens themselves.
-The Curiass enhances the users healing ability and unlocks the true power of the Thu'um. When in need it will reign fire on your enemies.
Unahzaal Lon Do Rah - Eternal Fist of Titan
-The Gauntlets are in possession of one of the first-born Vampires east of Windhelm who is tracking the rest of the set.
-The Gauntlets harness very dark energy to increase the power of the wielder. When in need they will spawn a dark creature and drain the life of your foes.
Unahzaal Ro Do Rah - Eternal Balance of Titan
-The Boots have found their way into a Khajiit trader who does not yet know its true power.
-The Boots augment balance to supernatural levels, allowing the user to traverse liquid and survive falls from great heights without so much as a sound. When in need it channels the power of cold.
Unahzaal Spaan Do Rah - Eternal Protection of Titan
-The Shield is in possession of Curomír the Black, an all-powerful wizard outside of Morthal who is studying its power.
-The Protection of Titan will absorb damage that can be unleashed back unto your opponents. When in need it allows the user to harness the power of lightning. The boss fights are extremely difficult and are designed for characters post level 81. It is reccomended finding at least one piece before these are to be challenged.

ScreenShot78 copy3.png
Bloodfist of Molag Bal
Conjure ally when near death
Samael Peaceful
Samael Attack
Khajiit Boots Vendor
Dead Troll Camp
Curomír Orders
Troll Flinching
Curomír Battle 01
Curomír Summoned Dremora
Curomír Battle 02
Curomír Battle 03
Curomír Summoned Wrathman 01
Curomír Summoned Wrathman 02
Samael Battle 01
Samael Battle 02
Samael Battle 03
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