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Week 06: Progress Review

Updated: May 19, 2019

My progress review submission was on friday and this week has proved to be a huge challenge. Between the last two weeks, I have had to the over the organisation of the Taekwondo club at the University as the previous Chair has stepped down for personal reasons. This also meant I had to organise the competition last weekend and also means I am now almost soley responsible for the running of two clubs. I have taken on more hours at work to save as much money as possible post-graduation and I have also found myself in a relationship. My final project has taken a hit this week and I will spend the next week restructing my project to compensate. Unfortunately, my time has been spread so thin that I have found most of work time taking the form of writing in the back of minibusses on painfully long journeys and various hotels... And suffering the consequences. I will be stepping down from my activities and responsibilities in the hopes of salvaging the time I have lost during the first half of this module, however, the road ahead will prove to be challenging.

I have found that my game's identity continues to be lost on my Supervisor so I have started reinvested time into my design document. I had to cut the original design docs short to favour prototyping so this is long overdue. I expect this should have been done before the start of the module but we were not reminded of this until a week before the module started and I did not have a lot of time last semester to work on a fourth module. Nevertheless, I have called back upon my previous research, especially on player motives, to understand exactly which elements resonate with the player and which elements I need to focus on.

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