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Week 03 & 04: Rapid Prototyping

Updated: May 19, 2019

After importing the character into UE4, I started prototyping different mechanics in the player controller. I tweaked the relative locations of player mesh inside the viewport until I was happy with the proportions. I am aware this is not recomended although I have used it temporarily to give a better scale reference while 3DS Max proves to be confusing.

I have made fairly good progress with the player controller so far. The last 3 weeks have been incredibly demanding as my sport and volunteering commitments have eaten much of available time (due to trips, competitions, and general responisbilities). Sadly this is going to continue for another couple of weeks but I have decided to step away from my comitments in order to focus on my final project as I can tell that my progress has already proved slower than I expected. Unfortunately this means another two weeks of overworking but I will push on and restruture my time when normality resolves. I have not editted the movement component at this moment in time as the test environment is not as good a reference. Because of this, I have chosen to wait until the level is blocked out so I can adjust the jump height, movement speed, etc againts the world.

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