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Week 02: Conceptualisation and Theory

Updated: May 18, 2019

This week has been dedicated to my project proposal. After recieving feedback from my tutor about my idea, I feel as though the game is not as self-explanatory as I would have hoped.

I began to model my character in Zbrush to test with different character styles and decided that my character should have floating (or Raymanian) limbs. This is an animation hack that simplies the modular system and animation process. I also believe it made the main character look more unique and memorable.

The animation system in 3DS Max proves to be a lot more challenging than I expected, despite having used it before. The biped to UE4 pipeline was too complex for my current understanding so I decided to rig my character against the default UE4 skeleton. The body proportions are not how I intended so I will need to adjust the skeleton accordingly, that is, once I figure out how...

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