• Zac Walton

Watching my first pole comp

Today was a first to me. I got up at 8, having only gone back to bed 2 hours prior due to waking up at 1am, I got dressed and I left the house for a three-hour drive to Derby University. The reason why I was heading to Derby? To watch a Pole Dancing competition. No, really. A few of our girls were competing and I’d agreed to go in support. It was different. New. Exciting. The standard was impressive, many of the competitors dropped from the top of the poles and caught themselves about a foot off the floor with nothing but their thighs! The poles themselves must have been 3 metres high – taller than any I’ve used. There was one male competitor in the competition (I believe another one never turned up), he rocked onto the stage in what looked like denim hotpants (which isn’t much out of the norm in this realm) and the audience loved him. His style was… More effeminate than my own preference – I remember one of my friends turning and looking at me whilst he was on stage. I just shook my head and said no. Whilst it would be comical to witness, I’m not sure I have the pizzazz to pull it off.

Our group actually walked with one of the judges on the way into the building. I had no idea who he was until we sat down inside and some of the polers started saying "that was Sam King!". I still didn't know who he was but the power of instagram is astonishing. He's a very big name as it turns out (note to self: learn famous Pole artists). I did actually start watching some of his videos to look for good combinations I could manage for my routine... Which I will have to make eventually since I may have agreed to start competing later in the year. Again, it's nice to embrace new things.

After another three hour journey in the back of a mini-van, and a KFC bargain bucket, I can safely say that I have gained a further appreciation for the sport - yes I said sport. But boy do I need to sleep.

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