• Zac Walton

Hiking: Clay Bank

This weekend I finally got around to joining the hiking club at Teesside. It's the first hike of 2018 so the group was a little smaller than wht I expected. We set off from the University at 09:45, arriving in the North Yorkshire Moors half an hour later. The hike consisted of three peaks and 15km of walking. For some reason I decided against wearing my hiking boots, reasoning that It's only a leisurely walk and that triners would suffice. For some reason, weather seemed not to be a factor in my decision, I think I was a bit naive.

The hike was cold, wet and snowy. Although the air was completely still and unnaturally silent. The first decent the hardest. The mud was thick and viscous. It reminded me of the time I went to the roller disco. The worst part was yet to come. On the way over to the second hill, we crossed a sheep field, which contained a 15m stretch of bog that almost claimed my trainers on several occasions. The mud smelt fowl and was likely not mud at all. Each step swallowed your lower leg and required tactical foot manouvers to prevent your shoe from being digested after every step. Placing your foot down crated channels that would flood you with opaque brown water. It was at that point I stopped attempted to stay clean.

After a comical 5 hours of me performing the running man up and down the hills, we finally made it back to the van. My camera had died just before the final peak which was - annoyingly - the most photogenic section of the trek, in my opinion.

Anyway, I managed to get a few good snaps of the trip, you may notice a couple were taken on my phone.

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