• Zac Walton

Quite literally run off my feet...

I wanted my first blog post to be art related, however, the last few weeks have been hectic so I'm taking the opportunity to document it! I will try to keep this blog mostly about Art and Design but for the time being, it might seem more like a diary of an idiot. As of today, walking has temporarily been suspended as I have chosen to adopt a Chimpanzee-like gait, hobbling back and forth from my room to the kitchen to get a drink. It all started on Wednesday in which I finished learning how to lead climb (where the rope is hooked in on the way up as opposed to running through the top). This is not complete without practicing what's known as a lead fall. This entails, as you may have guessed, a fall - a sizeable one. Having dropped a little further than my belayer anticipated, my knees took a respectable amount of impact against the side of the wall. Nothing major; except; Kung Fu training also runs on a Wednesday and surprise, surprise, we did some conditioning. Shin conditioning. Shin conditioning is categorically the worst thing ever invented by man. It involves two people voluntarily (albeit hesitantly) kicking their shins against their partner's shins; and I use the word 'voluntarily' loosely. Now. It's Saturday. A special Saturday. Special because Master Dean Matthews (7th Degree Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo) has travelled all the way from Cardiff to Teesside Uni to give a special seminar to our school of Taekwondo. The turnout was slightly less than expected; the event could have used a bit more promotion; but it was useful none-the-less. We trained hard. For three hours straight. Kicking; running; punching; spinning; kicking; kicking whilst spinning; jumping; sparring; kicking... There's a lot of kicking. Master Matthews is the head coach of the Wales national team, so I don't really need to make a point of saying he's a brilliant instructor. But he is a brilliant instructor! He even got us practicing Moon-Mo, a 4th Dan black belt pattern. I was also fortunate to grab some drinks with him in the Student Union afterwards where he and my instructor shared stories of their travels, which are probably best unrepeated. I'd love to say that by the end of the seminar my feet were nice and blistered, but the blisters had long burst by that point. All that's left was a couple square inches of freshly exposed skin. I'd run around so much that parts of my feet literally fell off - nasty!

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