Games Design & Production University Module

For my Games Design and Production module we were given a brief in which we must design, plan, and budget a game. The only condition is that the game's title must contain the word 'Air'. For this module my game concept was an open-world Action/RPG called 'Clairvoyant'. The games main inspirations are DC Universe Online and The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. The core mechanic of the game are Power Orbs. On the character creation menu, the player would choose two core elements although more can be acquired throughout the game. Core elements will also combine to unlock hybrid abilities such as Lava (Earth and Fire), Sand (Earth and Wind) and Mud (Earth and Water). Each set of abilities serves a specific combat role (Offence, Defence, Healing or Control), whilst a few abilities will cater to multiple roles.


Clairvoyant's main narrative focuses on the Time and Space Orbs of Power which grant the user god-like abilities. The game's exploration of time is where it takes the name 'Clairvoyant'.

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Middlesbrough, UK

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